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What is Animal Spirit Medicine and How Does it Work?


Animal Spirit Medicine works on an energetic level. For centuries, cultures all over the world have worked with Animal Medicine for Ceremonial work as well as for treatment of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Each Animal carries with it Wisdom and knowledge of it’s own being. By working with Animal Medicine, this Wisdom can be imparted to other beings on an energetic level bringing about Conscious Healing and Revelation.

Every living and non-living thing on Earth carries its own vibrational frequency. The molecules that make up our beings vibrate at a frequency that are specific to its nature. So plants, animals and humans each exist at various unique frequencies. The Oils of Animal Spirit Medicine vibrate at the particular frequency for each animal that it represents and resonates as. So, the oil of ‘Coyote’ brings and elicits the same vibrational qualities as Coyote Animal Medicine itself. As someone comes into contact with a particular Animal Spirit Medicine Oil, the vibrational frequency of that animal integrates with the vibrational frequency of the person. This integration allows the Wisdom of the Animal Spirit to be imparted to that individual, allowing consciousness to become open and expanded – to obtain the Wisdom of that animal. This Wisdom can then be used to help transformation in any area of life.


What Are Animal Spirit Medicine Oils Used For?


The ways to use Animal Spirit Medicine Oils are countless! You can wear them as perfume, add to bath, in massage therapy, mix with paint to infuse a room with the essence of your Animal Totems, in Spiritual Ritual work, Energy Healing, to activate your Creative Center, Chakra Balancing and activation- with any creative medium; spray on your pillowcases for Dreamwork, spray in your car, home, airplane; use in laundry, diffuser, put in homemade candles and soaps.