About Kate Rodger


Kate Rodger has a deep reverence for her practice as a Shamanic Energy Healer which stimulates transformation and revelation on a very profound level. In addition to her private practice, she regularly leads ceremonies, retreats, groups, and energy circles throughout the world including Hawaii and Tonga where she facilitates sacred work with Dolphins and Whales, Malta where she works in the ancient Goddess Temples, Sedona where she has led Initiation and Birthing Ceremonies, the Mayan Yucatan in Mexico, and other cities throughout the US.

Kate has studied intensely with leading Shamans and Healers from all over the world including Bro.. Ishmeal Tetteh of Ghana, Africa, Leonard Orr, Master Stephen Co, Rev. Dr.. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, Plant Intuitive Sequoia of Sedona, Arizona, and others. She is incredibly inspired by and draws upon Native Traditions of Animal and Plant Medicines, ancient Egyptian practices, Eastern Philosophy, Sacred Geometry, mineral and crystal therapy, and Sound Vibrational therapy. Kate is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and is currently working towards a masters degree in Ancient Wisdom Tradition and a ministerial license with Agape International Spiritual Center.




“Kate’s Animal Spirit Medicine Oils capture the very heart-essence and mystical vibration of our beloved animal friends. A true gift and tool on our healing path!!”


Sequoia Lyn-James
Nature-Intuitive and Aromatics Teacher since 1987
Sedona, AZ


“Uniquely exotic aroma. Every scent offers a distinctive inspiring inner journey.”


Master Spirit Artist
Los Angeles, CA


“The Tiger Oil so clearly ‘spoke to me’ that I had no choice, but to select it. When using it, I’m immediately grounded and fully conscious to everything around me.”


R.. Morgan Harwith
Retired Corporate Lawyer
Marina del Rey, CA


“I am very grateful to Kate for being attentive to her wise animal guides. My favorite oil blend so far is Giraffe. The exotic notes of the blend carried me off to a vast African wilderness. I experienced an adventure that included being in the presence of hundreds of gentle giraffes. I received significant information of past lives and my soul leaped with joy.”


Rev. Anne Strawbridge
Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking,
The Beloved Community
Co-founder of Woman Wisdom Corp...
Philadelphia, PA


“Kate’s work fine-tunes the body and soul. ...It’s like tuning in your radio station and removing the static.”


Dr. Richard Hill, Director
Hill Chiropractic Center in Beverly Hills, CA


“I used Whale and had the most amazing dream... It felt to be a very powerful Medicine.”


Cher Lyn
Mystic Art Medicine Woman
Sedona, AZ