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The Prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor


Many indigenous cultures of the world share a two-thousand year old prophesy about the Eagle and the Condor. It is known in Mayan Peru as “the Coming of the new Pachacuti”, an interval of roughly 500 years. The prophesy foretold of tremendous conflict throughout the Americas from around 1500 to 2000. During this time, the Eagle, representing the mental and materialistic, has driven the Condor, representing the spiritual, heart-centered and nature(Earth)-oriented, almost into extinction.

The Eagle represents the modern, technological world; the people of the Eagle developed the intellect at the expense of the heart. They have developed technology to an extraordinary level, bringing material wealth and accomplishment, but they also find themselves spiritually impoverished as a result.

The Condor represents the indigenous people of the world living close to the land, with the heart and wisdom that come from being attuned to the natural world. They have an unparalleled depth of Spirituality and Wisdom that is an expression of their profound connection to nature. These people are spiritually rich but materially impoverished. The forces of the developed world now threaten their environment, and they must develop some of the intellectual skills of the Eagle.

According to the prophecy, now is the beginning of the “Fifth Pachacuti”, a time when the Condor will rise and again fly wing-to-wing in the same sky as the Eagle. The world will come into balance. It is a time of partnership, love, healing, and a transition out of an era of conflict and turmoil into more sustainable and Earth-honoring ways. It is a time of great transition but comes with some dangers. The Condor will not soon forget the domination of the Eagle. The Eagle must also change to help restore the balance.

Our task now is to return to the Heart-Wisdom ways of the Condor; to individually and collectively begin to fulfill this prophesy. We need to “come to our senses,” and listen with our hearts to what the Earth is trying to tell us. We need to begin to look at and understand how the choices we make perpetuate the destruction of the Earth and contribute to our sense of unhappiness, stress, and isolation from each other. We must begin now to help the Condor soar…..

And so I begin with my Open Heart, with my Healing Practice, with my Consciousness, and with my Listening….